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Dear Puku friends,

Enjoy great sound while knowing that you are giving back to communities and making the world a better place. Puku supports and promotes ethical sourcing in manufacturing.

Yours Sincerely, 

Meck Khalfan
President & Co-Founder




Puku is a breed of antelope found in the savanna grasslands of central Africa, mostly in Tanzania and Zambia. They are beautiful, fast and the strongest among the existing members of the antelope family. Known for their excellent survival instincts, Puku can survive in extremely wet or dry weather conditions, and they can also live at high altitudes when escaping floods.

With that in mind, Puku was founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy after experiencing the hardship of living without the power to charge phones. And just like the animal, it retains the same essential qualities such as Power, Beauty and Speed.



Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing
Our manufacturing facilities are compliance with international and local labor laws and highest quality standards. We conduct quarterly reviews and inspection to our facilities. 

Giving Back
We believe in the power of giving back. Through Puku Foundation we donate 5% of our sales to charities to improve access to clean water, saving lives, improve public education and support our city parks.  

We understand that not properly recycled Lithium batteries will cause harm to our planet. We encourage our customers to send us their used Puku and we will recycle and give a 20% discount coupon for future product purchases.